About Alpe

ALPE Foundation is an independent nongovernmental organization that pursues professional communication activities aimed at strengthening civil society in Georgia.

Social advertisement, media campaigns, and regular publishing activities, educational programs and trainings are the main instruments of ALPE’s communication strategy.

On the basis of the strategy elaborated jointly with the Ogilvy/Euro&M consultation firm, in 2001-2003 ALPE worked on the educational component of the Judicial Reform project that was implemented in accordance with the Georgian Government and World Bank program.

The level of cooperation that ALPE has established with nongovernmental organizations and international donor agencies active in Georgia and the fact that it has gained the reputation of a reliable partner indicates that the Foundation is sustainable and has prospects of development.

As a result of such partnership, ALPE implemented or are under implementation important projects such as Let Us Build Our School supported by Save The Children international organization, the “Let Us Start Doing Business” program of the support campaign for democratic elections implemented under the auspices of Open Society - Georgia Foundation, the project supported by USAID through Eurasia Foundation to promote integration of Ethnic/Religious Minority youth, a project funded by the Soros foundation to improve work of PR departments within the Ministry of Interior of Georgia and access to public information, “Summer School on Human Rights” in partnership with Constitutional Court of Georgia and supported by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation, “Business Climate Reform” project initiated by the IFC, a innovative project financed by the Soros foundation “NOT-Ethnically Georgians – Encyclopedic handbook” and project “Promoting Civil Integration of ethnic minorities, with special emphasis on women» financed by the MATRA (KAP) programme of the Embassy of Netherlands.

ALPE's cooperation with the European Union and this organization's office in Georgia is worth to be mentioned specially. From January 2004, ALPE was implementing the 2 year project supported by European Union and entitled “Support to the Rule of Law: Promoting Behavioral Change among the Public and Police Forces of Georgia.”

In 2006-2008 ALPE implemented project in support of national integration of ethnic minority groups settling in Georgia. The actions were supported by the EIHDR. Under this project number of Educational activities and trainings had been carried out for different ethnic groups like Azerbaijani, Armenians, Ossetian, Russian, Kurds etc.

From 2011 until 2012 ALPE together with European center for Minority issues we worked on EU funded project for “support of repatriation of persons deported from Georgia in 1940s.”The project was designed to support repatriation of mainly Muslim population deported from South Georgia to central Asia in 1940s by Soviet regime. In five regions of Georgia (potential settlement areas for repatriates) ALPE conducted series of trainings/seminars for Municipality staff, Governors offices, and local Police authorities in multi-ethnic relations, conflict resolution, cultural co-existence, and tolerance.

In 2010, 2011 and 2013 ALPE with support of Center for Reforms and Study of Electoral Systems (Central Election Commission) implemented projects “We Vote, we Elect,” “First voter,” “Successful Election for Sustainable Democracy.” Motivating to participate in elections, educate how to become observer and monitor elections, train in election procedure administration to become representatives of central election commission in their respective regions – where the core objectives of the trainings conducted in 4 regions and 5 main towns of Georgia.

From 2012 up today ALPE in partnership with UN Association of Georgia, through USAID, implements component of program “Enforcing National Integration in Georgia.”Under this segment, ALPE is running Tbilisi Youth Center in Tbilisi with more than 300 members

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